The Mistake

Allison Paradise

Darcy is a uniquely-shaped child who was born to octagon-shaped parents, the Norms. She spends her days contentedly exploring the world until one day she is told that she has to go to school. On the school bus she is confronted by a sea of circles, squares, and triangles not one child looks like her. Darcy soon learns that the other children have fit themselves into molds. She doesn't want a mold, but after a week of being ostracized by her classmates she decides to try on a few.

They don't fit.

Darcy is devastated. She is convinced that she must be a mistake. But is she?

The Mistake is for anyone who has tried to fit in. It has been enjoyed by children of all ages as a storybook, a coloring book, and an inspiration for writing, illustrating, and sharing stories. The book is printed on cardstock and includes 20 blank pages at the end for creative exploration.

Printed on 30% PCW and FSC-certified paper in Lindon, Utah.

Price: $17.99
Date Published: December 3, 2021
ISBN: 9798985340006
Author: Allison Paradise
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