Liberate Your Inner Truth - Oracle Cards

Moira Hutchison

Liberate Your Inner Truth - Oracle Cards

LIBERATE YOUR INNER TRUTH: Ready to unlock your inner gifts and talents? The Liberate Your Inner Truth intuitive oracle cards delve into your deepest questions about who and what you are. The messages revealed can help provide advice, clarity, and guidance regarding current situations that may be presenting a challenge.

TRUTHFUL MESSAGES: Deep and direct! Make sure you are ready for the truth. The real, emotional insights and messages revealed may surprise you and will go directly to the heart of your connection – you with you.

SUPERIOR STOCK: Easy to handle! These cards are printed on premium cardstock sourced from a fine publishing company. These cards are also protected by a coating for easier shuffling and long-lasting quality. The oracle deck comes shrink-wrapped in a drawstring bag.

HOW TO USE: Be your intuitive self!! These message oracle cards are easy to interpret using your intuition and do not come with a guidebook. For a quick oracle reading, ask a question and pick one or more cards from the 52-card deck. Combine cards with charms, other oracle decks, or use them as clarifiers for Tarot for more in-depth card readings.
Price: $29.00
Date Published: November 1, 2022
ISBN: 9781647756901
Author: Moira Hutchison
Part Number: V4081907417-01
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