The COACHE$ Profit Planner

Beverly Walthour

So many planners have been traditionally focused on life or self-care or finances but not your business OR they have no depth to them. This is one of the reasons so many of them are not utilized effectively and goals are not reached.

This planner understands the fact that you are dynamic and all areas of your life and business are important and should be incorporated.

*Business and Revenue Goal Tracker
*Scripture References and Biblical Decrees
*Business Content Creation
*Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Reflection
..and more!

The goal is to ensure that you incorporate GOD into your business because it's His business...we are the stewards of it.

Over the next 90 days, you will create consistent business habits that will not only honor GOD, but also increase your revenue.

Now is the time to create more IMPACT and INCOME without compromising your Christian Values!

Become even MORE impactful with your COACHE$ Profit Planner today. Write the vision and make it plain!

Included in your planner:

*Monthly/Daily/Weekly Calendar
*Worksheets to help you track your social media content, goals, revenue, follow-up, and clients.
*Access to additional resources designed to support you in your entrepreneurial journey.

If you are ready to:

*Strategically plan in your business
*Marry business strategy and your Christian faith
*Accelerate your IMPACT & INCOME

Then you've finally found your answer!

  • Softcover plastic spiral-bound planner that allows the planner to lay flat, in an "8.5 x 11" format, with plastic overlays on the front and back cover
  • 90-day undated planner, monthly overview, weekly and daily pages, and end-of-the-week and end-of-the-month reflection pages
  • Monthly and weekly revenue and business goal setting and reflection pages, pages to map out monthly product/service offerings, examples of where potential clients are, social media, email, and website tracking pages, and weekly content planning pages
  • Includes examples of how to use the planner, 31 Daily Biblical Decrees, and additional resources to accelerate business growth
  • 177 pages printed on premium 70# weight paper.
Price: $50.00
Date Published: November 9, 2023
Author: Beverly Walthour
Part Number: V4081909430-01
Ships in 3-5 days
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