The Day One library gives you just the information you need to complete a task on day one. The series covers Junos OS and Juniper Networks networking essentials with straightforward explanations, step-by-step instructions, and practical examples that are

  1. Day One: Junos Tips, Techniques, and Templates 2011
  2. Day One: MACsec Up and Running
  3. Day One: Migrating EIGRP to OSPF
  4. Day One: Migrating to Segment Routing
  5. Day One: MPLS for Enterprise Engineers
  6. Day One: MPLS Up and Running On Junos
  7. Day One: Navigating the Junos XML Hierarchy
  8. Day One: NorthStar Controller Up and Running
  10. Day One: Routing in Fat Trees (RIFT)
  11. Day One: Routing the Internet Protocol
  12. Day One: SBR Change of Authorization (CoA) and the MX Series
  13. Day One: Scaling Beyond a Single Juniper SRX in the Data Center
  14. Day One: Seamless EVPN-VXLAN Tunnel Stitching for DC and DCI Network Overlay
  15. Day One: SRX Series Up and Running with Advanced Security Services
  16. Day One: Understanding OpenContrail Architecture
  17. Day One: Using Ethernet VPNs for Data Center Interconnect
  18. Day One: Using JSNAP to Automate Network Verifications
  19. Day One: vMX Up and Running
  20. Day One: vSRX on KVM
  21. Hardware Defined Networking
  22. Juniper Slip Case for 4 Board Books
  23. Simplified: AI-Driven Enterprise
  24. Simplified: AI-Driven SD-WAN with Session Smart
  25. Simplified: AI-Driven Secure SD-WAN
  26. Simplified: Artificial Intelligence for IT
  27. Simplified: Connected Security
  28. Simplified: End-to-End Secure Automated Multicloud
  29. Simplified: How Does The Internet Really Work?
  30. Simplified: Top to Bottom Secure Automated Multicloud
  31. Simplified: Why EVPN-VXLAN?
  32. This Week: A Packet Walkthrough on the M, MX, AND T Series
  33. This Week: An Expert Packet Walkthrough on the MX Series 3D
  34. This Week: Applying Junos Automation
  35. This Week: Data Center Deployment with EVPN/VXLAN
  36. This Week: Deploying BGP Multicast VPNs, 2nd Edition
  37. This Week: Hardening Junos Devices
  38. This Week: Hardening Junos Devices, 2nd Edition
  39. Understand the Basics of Cybersecurity
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