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IBM System Storage DS Storage Manager Copy Services Guide

IBM Redbooks

The purpose of this IBM® Redbooks® publication is to provide customers with guidance and recommendations for how and when to use the IBM System Storage® Copy Services premium features. The topics discussed in this publication apply to the IBM System Storage DS® models DS3000, DS4000®, and DS5000 running the firmware v7.70, and IBM System Storage DS Storage Manager v10.70.
Customers in today’s IT world are finding a major need to ensure a good archive of their data and a requirement to create these archives with minimal interruptions. The IBM Midrange System Storage helps to fulfill these requirements by offering three copy services premium features:
[li] IBM FlashCopy®
[li] VolumeCopy
[li] Enhanced Remote Mirroring (ERM)
This publication specifically addresses the copy services premium features and can be used in conjunction with the following IBM DS System Storage books:
[li] IBM System Storage DS4000 and Storage Manager V10.30, SG24-7010
[li] IBM System Storage DS3000: Introduction and Implementation Guide, SG24-7065
[li] IBM System Storage DS3500: Introduction and Implementation Guide, SG24-7914
[li] IBM Midrange System Storage Hardware Guide, SG24-7676
[li] IBM Midrange System Storage Implementation and Best Practices Guide, SG24-6363

IBM System Storage DS Storage Manager Copy Services Guide

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Date Published: February 28, 2010
ISBN: 0738435279
Author: IBM Redbooks
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