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This Week: Mastering Junos Automation Programming

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Junos automation scripting, known in the field simply as Junos scripting, is a key technology and a fundamental capability that enables you to automate your Junos devices for your own (and unique) operational requirements. You can deploy Junos scripts on any Juniper Networks device that runs the Junos operating system, such as the highly successful MX Mid-Range series (MX5/ 10/40/ 80 routers), the M- and T series of routers, the EX series of Ethernet switches, and the SRX Services Gateways series of network devices. That’s a lot of powerful iron.

The most common knowledge shift for many new Junos automation developers is to ac- quire a good grasp of the XSLT programming paradigm. While many programmers may be familiar with procedural languages such as Perl and Java, the transformation nature and programming framework of XSLT could be new. So This Week: Mastering Junos Automation Programming is written from the perspective of a “classical” script programmer, teaching you about the specific tasks and functions of the Junos automation development environment. Spend a week with this book and you’ll be able to write, deploy, and debug Junos automation scripts.

“Mastering Junos Automation Programming provides all the information you need to quickly harness the power of Junos scripting and automation. This book teaches the reader SLAX, a friendlier, more concise alternative to XSLT, through clear instruction, countless example scripts, and helpful comparisons to other common programming languages and concepts. All the while the authors provide best practices and valuable tips for overcoming common obstacles when scripting with SLAX.” Skyler Bingham, Security Development Engineer, Global Crossing

  • Interact with Junos using the XML API.
  • Use advanced print -formatting and regular-expression processing.
  • Understand advanced file storage and “scratch memory” usage.
  • Create complex XPath expression techniques for Junos automation.
  • Review techniques for integrating Junos automation with your management systems.
  • Research advanced event scripting topics.

About the Authors Jeremy Schulman is a Senior Systems Engineer at Juniper Networks who brings over 15 years of software engineering experience to the company. Jeremy immediately recognized the vast potential in using Junos automation technologies to help Juniper customers lower cost, reduce risk, and ultimately deliver improved services to their end-customers. Jeremy has created innovative demonstrations and solutions for a wide range of service provider and enterprise solutions, and continues to be a driving force in the Junos Automation community.

Curtis Call is a Senior Systems Engineer at Juniper Networks, has over a decade of experience working with Junos, and has authored multiple books on Junos on-box automation. He is a Juniper Networks Certified Internet Expert (JNCIE-M #43).

This Week: Mastering Junos Automation Programming

Price: $20.00
Pages: 148
Date Published: July 15, 2011
Author: Jeremy Schulman and Curtis Call
Product Number: 7100214
Part Number: V4081600042
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