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DFSMS Optimizer: The New HSM Monitor/Tuner

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DFSMS Optimizer: The New HSM Monitor/Tuner

This redbook will help you install, customize, and use
the features of the DFSMS Optimizer Version 1 Release 2
HSM Monitor/Tuner and charting facility. It uses a
step-by-step approach, taking you through the sequence of
tasks necessary to get the DFSMS Optimizer HSM
Monitor/Tuner and charting facility up and running on
your system. Installation on the MVS host system and the
supported client platforms (OS/2, Windows 95, and Windows
NT) is documented. Migration considerations to DFSMS
Optimizer Version 1 Release 2 from a previous level of
the product are discussed. This redbook contains
detailed descriptions about how to use the HSM
Monitor/Tuner from the supported platforms to monitor and
control DFSMShsm. Many useful hints and tips that will
help you complete the tasks outlined in this redbook are

This redbook is intended for both new and experienced users of the DFSMS
Optimizer at the Version 1 Release 2 level. New users of the DFSMS Optimizer who have some
experience with DFSMShsm will find valuable information
about installing, customizing, and exploiting the
functions of the DFSMS Optimizer Version 1 Release 2
workstation component (DFSMS Optimizer HSM Monitor/Tuner
and charting facility). Experienced DFSMS Optimizer
users will find useful information about migrating to
this release of the product, using the new functions of
the HSM Monitor/Tuner, and REXX routines to automate
responses to DFSMShsm events.

This redbook does not include information about building
the DFSMS Optimizer database. Refer to the DFSMS
Optimizer Usage Guide, SG24-2235, for a description of
the tasks required to set up your database and collect
data for use by the DFSMS Optimizer.
Price: $42.00 $33.00
Pages: 236
Date Published: August 20, 1998
ISBN: 0738400351
Author: IBM Redbooks
Product Number: SG24-5248-00
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