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HACMP Enhanced Scalability: User-Defined Events

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HACMP Enhanced Scalability: User-Defined Events

This redbook describes the various methods in which High Availability Cluster Multi-Processing for AIX (HACMP for AIX) clusters can be extended to handle problem conditions other than those handled by the base product. The majority of these methods are enabled through the use of RS/6000 Cluster Technology (RSCT). System implementors and system administrators should use this book as a guide to defining, configuring, and maintaining user events within their system using AIX and IBM Parallel System Support Programs for AIX (PSSP) facilities and the IBM High Availability Cluster Multi-Processing for AIX Enhanced Scalability (HACMP/ES) product.

The redbook is of value to system administrators and system implementors who wish to understand and utilize RSCT in a HACMP/ES environment. Many practical examples are presented as implementations of the techniques described.

An introduction is given to the automatic operation of a HACMP for AIX cluster. The benefits of automated operations are looked at, and an introduction to the key concepts are described in detail.

The concept of an event and the issues involved with event monitoring are discussed, and the different actions that may be taken when an event occurs are described. In addition, the book assists in determining the best methodology for monitoring a given resource.

The AIX error logging mechanism is described along with the various methods of writing error log entries and how error notification may be used to trigger user events. This is illustrated with a series of examples and operational scenarios.

The Event Management subsystem and SP Perspectives are also discussed. The Event Management capabilities of Perspectives are examined, and the book describes how to configure the system by using the GUI to define important user events. User-defined events are the actions that should be triggered when the event occurs.

Furthermore, the integrated user event functions of the HACMP/ES product are introduced, and the configuration of the rules.hacmprd file and recovery programs are discussed.

Other utilities and functions that are useful within clustered environments for either detecting the occurrence of events or running recovery actions are discussed, and the book shows how Event Management can be used to perform common monitoring tasks. As each task is introduced, the resource variables that are used for monitoring are explained and examples of their use are given.

Common actions that may be taken when an event occurs are provided, and guidance is given for using these actions.

Finally, the redbook describes some of the system components that may run on an AIX system and provides examples of the events that should be monitored for and sample recovery actions, should these events occur.
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Pages: 220
Date Published: November 24, 1998
ISBN: 0738412082
Author: IBM Redbooks
Product Number: SG24-5327-00
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