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VisualAge TeamConnection Enterprise Server From CMVC to TeamConnection Version 3

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VisualAge TeamConnection Enterprise Server From CMVC to TeamConnection Version 3

This redbook is intended as a guide through the process of migration from either CMVC V2.3 to VisualAge TeamConnection, or from previous releases of TeamConnection to the current level of the product
The objective is to provide the reader with the information needed to permit making the right choice among multiple possibilities, in order to best meet business requirements.

Part 1 contains a general introduction to VisualAge TeamConnection and its concepts. It will be specially useful for the newcomers to TeamConnection. Chapter 3 puts emphasis on network needs and give some hints to those unfamiliar with TCP/IP concepts.

Part 2 covers the subtleties of UDB installation. Those who are using OS/2 or Windows platforms and have installed their environment using the TeamConnection installation wizards can skip it. Others may find some benefit to reading the chapters that pertain to their specific environment.

Part 3 covers migration to VisualAge TeamConnection Enterprise Server version 3.1. It is intended as a reference document to help the reader succeed in this task. This will be especially useful for Team Leaders, Project Managers, and anyone else involved in the development and distribution or maintenance of software applications.
Price: $53.00 $42.00
Pages: 352
Date Published: January 5, 1999
ISBN: 0738412449
Author: IBM Redbooks
Product Number: SG24-2226-00
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