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High Availability Scenarios for Tivoli Software

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High Availability Scenarios for Tivoli Software

This redbook is a follow up to the previous redbook Implementing TME 10 in High Availability Environments (SG24-2032-00) that was written in December 1997 and fulfilled an important requirement in helping customers and Tivoli professionals in implementing Tivoli in high availability environments.

Since that time, the Tivoli product has been considerably changed from a two-tiered architecture to a three-tiered one. Also, function was added to the Tivoli framework to ease the implementation of Tivoli in HA environments.

This redbook covers new material, such as mutual takeover scenarios (TEC-TMR Server, Managed Node-Managed Node, Managed Node-TMR Server), and Tivoli Endpoint HA implementations as well as Microsoft Cluster Server scenarios in addition to HACMP and SUN Solstice examples.

We assume that the reader has a thorough understanding of high availability concepts and knowledge of at least one HA product. We also assume that the reader is familiar with the Tivoli framework and applications.

After reading this redbook, you should be well prepared to develop a detailed plan for implementing Tivoli in HA environments.
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Pages: 128
Date Published: May 14, 1999
Author: IBM Redbooks
Product Number: SG24-2032-01
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