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Application Driven Networking: Concepts and Architecture for Policy-Based Systems

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Application Driven Networking: Concepts and Architecture for Policy-Based Systems

This book describes the standards and IBM's implementation of application-driven networking, a term for an architecture and implementation in which network services are driven by rules, global policies and by the applications themselves. This architecture turns the old concept around; applications used to have to conform to the limitations of the network, whereas now networks can be made to conform to the requirements of the applications.

This redbook will help you to understand the overall architecture and concepts of policy-based system control. It covers the standardization aspects as well as IBM-specific implementation concepts. A rather large part of the book is dedicated to policy-based control of communication infrastructures, since networks are today∆s spinal cords of e-business environments. Policy-based application control is just beginning to evolve. This book covers some initial steps taken in the OS/390 server environment as well as Web traffic control.
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Pages: 194
Date Published: December 10, 1999
ISBN: 0738414549
Author: IBM Redbooks
Product Number: SG24-5640-00
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