Lotus Notes and Domino Take Center Stage: Upgrading from R4 to R5

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Lotus Notes and Domino Take Center Stage: Upgrading from R4 to R5

This redbook explains how to upgrade your Notes/Domino environment from R4 to R5.

Part 1, Taking a tour through the benefits of R5, is a guide for decision makers and technical people who need a thorough understanding of the benefits of Domino R5 over Domino R4.x. We introduce the Notes R5 Client, Designer Client, and Administrator Client. Following that, we discuss the reliability, scalability, and performance of the Domino R5 server, including the new server features that will prove beneficial to your company.

Part 2, Setting the stage: Planning for Domino R5, emphasizes the need to invest time into project planning, which will minimize risk and ensure a smooth transition to R5. Standard project management concepts are presented, as well as practical tips intended to reduce the amount of research and work your team needs to do. We also give an overview of the rollout sequence for clients and servers.

Part 3, Backstage: Behind the scenes of the Domino R5 server, offers an inside look at the many services a Domino server can provide. This part focuses on the technical components of the Domino R5 server upgrade and the features available for the administrator to configure, once the Domino server is at R5 level. Aspects relating to directory services, messaging services, Domino as a Web server, security infrastructure, and domain search are covered.

Part 4, Front row: Taking advantage of the Notes R5 client, will help the Notes R4.5 or R4.6 client user understand how mail, calendar, to do lists, and personal address books have been enhanced. R5 tries to place a lot more of the actions that you can take right where you can see them. Last but not least, we take a look at the changes that have been made for the Web user in the areas of mail, calendar, and to do's.

Part 5, Spotlight on R5 administration, documents daily procedures performed by the administrator, such as user administration and monitoring, and points out how those procedures in R5 differ from R4.

This redbook was written for customers, IBM and Lotus business partners, and the IBM and Lotus community, who are involved in upgrading Notes/Domino customers to Lotus Domino R5.
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Date Published: March 29, 2000
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