Getting Started with TCP/IP for VSE/ESA 1.4

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Getting Started with TCP/IP for VSE/ESA 1.4

Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) is the most important protocol in the Internet networking environment.

This redbook describes how VSE/ESA users can enable their VSE/ESA system to participate in the world of TCP/IP networks using TCP/IP for VSE/ESA. It describes in a detailed and comprehensive way all the steps that are required to install and customize TCP/IP for VSE/ESA on the VSE/ESA system.

Several examples show how to make use of the TCP/IP applications that are supported by TCP/IP for VSE/ESA. This includes functions such as Telnet/TN3270, FTP, LPD/LPR, GPS, or NFS. We also provide guidance to help you set up your VSE/ESA system as an HTTP server on the Internet. TCP/IP for VSE/ESA provides a socket application programming interface as described in TCP/IP for VSE Programmer's Reference, Release 1.4., but its discussion is beyond the scope of this redbook.

This publication is intended for system engineers responsible for implementing VSE/ESA host integration into TCP/IP networks.

This redbook replaces the redbook The Native TCP/IP Solution for VSE, SG24-2041.
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Date Published: May 22, 2000
ISBN: 0738416452
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