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We are proud to feature IBM Redbooks. IBM Redbooks are how-to technical manuals written by developers for developers. Featuring step-by-step, tested instructions, they provide solutions for specific IBM-related projects. Since they're updated and printed on demand, you're assured to get the latest information.

RS/6000 SP System Performance Tuning Update

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RS/6000 SP System Performance Tuning Update

This IBM redbook provides an updated version of the SP System Performance Tuning Guide. It now includes new information about changes in AIX V4.3.3 and PSSP V3.2 that can affect your SP System performance. Also, new hardware that is available especially for the SP, such as the new SP Switch2, is described along with its enhancements and tunables.

This redbook now includes information about certain applications: Tivoli Storage Manager (ADSM), DB2, and GPFS, just to name a few. To make this book comprehensive, we added more specific information about monitoring your system to increase performance. This also includes some useful scripts that can help you improve system performance or analyze the current settings of your system faster and easier.

The reader of this book can range from a novice of performance tuning to an experienced administrator. Considerable thought has gone into the layout of the book. Readers with greater experience in SP tuning have new quick reference features, such as startmaps and part guides: this will make referencing parameter and other environment information easier. Full and clear explanation of concepts and procedures are still provided.
Price: $72.00 $57.00
Pages: 538
Date Published: January 19, 2001
ISBN: 0738419281
Author: IBM Redbooks
Product Number: SG24-5340-01
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