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AIX 5L and Windows 2000: Side by Side

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AIX 5L and Windows 2000: Side by Side

The object of this redbook is to demonstrate the AIX 5L and Windows 2000 platforms to show the reader similarities and differences between each operating system. Whether you are a Windows expert looking to learn more about the latest version of AIX, AIX 5L, or are an AIX expert and are looking to inform yourself of the latest Windows platform, Windows 2000, you will find each chapter in this redbook covers the fundamental technologies that make each operating system what it is.

In ensuing chapters, we will discuss fundamental operating system concepts, architectures, open standards compliances, and product packaging for both AIX 5L and Windows 2000. Then, we shall go into the user interfaces for both, storage management, security standards compliance and operations, and full systems management. Finally, we will give an in depth discussion of networking concepts on both platforms and demonstrate the full extent of scalability and high availability on both AIX 5L and Windows 2000.

Furthermore, while not much has changed in Windows 2000, AIX is relatively new at the time of writing this redbook, and we shall make a special point of pointing out the differences between AIX 5L and the previous version, AIX version 4.3.3.
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Pages: 568
Date Published: June 7, 2001
ISBN: 0738421626
Author: IBM Redbooks
Product Number: SG24-4784-02
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