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WebSphere on RS/6000 SP and Clusters Centralized Management and Monitoring

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WebSphere on RS/6000 SP and Clusters Centralized Management and Monitoring

Centralized management and monitoring is very important in a large clustered computing environment. Parallel System Support Programs (PSSP) provides the centralized management function in an RS/6000 SP or Clustered server environment. The PSSP consists of several management tools which can be customized for administering and managing a large cluster of nodes from a single point, usually from a system called the control workstation.

In this redbook, we explore how these centralized management tools can be exploited for managing and monitoring a WebSphere Cluster. We focus on centralized installation, configuration, monitoring, and day-to-day management using the PSSP tools.

We also focus on setting up an RS/6000 SP/Cluster environment and configuring WebSphere Application Server, WebServer, Oracle, HACMP, and Network Dispatcher to produce a single point of management and monitoring from the Control Workstation. The sample configurations and the procedures described in this redbook can be customized for any clustered server environment managed by PSSP.
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Pages: 202
Date Published: June 20, 2001
Author: IBM Redbooks
Product Number: SG24-6037-00
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