IBM zSeries 990 (z990) Cryptography Implementation

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IBM  zSeries 990 (z990) Cryptography Implementation

The IBM z990 includes both standard cryptographic hardware and optional cryptographic features, to give flexibility and growth capability. IBM has a long history of providing hardware cryptographic solutions, from the development of Data Encryption Standard (DES) in the 1970s to delivering the only integrated cryptographic hardware in a server to achieve the US Government's highest FIPS 140-2 Level 4 rating for secure cryptographic hardware.
This IBM Redbook is designed to help you understand and implement the z/OS Cryptographic PCIXCC and PCICA cards. Although this book focuses on the enablement of the z/OS PCIXCC and PCICA products, cryptography and the available services on z/OS are also discussed and explained, with special attention given to the new Trusted Key Entry (TKE V4) workstation.
This book also reviews the tools that are available on z/OS for monitoring of the z990 cryptographic hardware utilization plus the analysis of performance.
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Date Published: August 5, 2004
ISBN: 0738490369
Author: IBM Redbooks
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