Portalizing Domino Applications for WebSphere Portal

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Portalizing Domino Applications for WebSphere Portal

This IBM Redbook describes how to integrate existing Domino applications into the IBM WebSphere Portal. We have coined the term "portalizing" to describe this effort.

We begin by explaining why portal integration is so useful for any company that has a Domino environment, and the importance of integrating Domino applications into the WebSphere Portal. We also explain some of the key concepts of portals and Domino application integration, and outline some recognized design patterns for Domino application integration.

Next, we preview the recognized integration options which are described in detail later in the book. We also introduce the sample Domino application we used for our portalizing exercises throughout the book.

The following chapters present detailed discussions about the integration options currently available:

- Using existing portlets that ship with WebSphere Portal, including QuickLinks, Web page, Web Clipper, NotesView, XML/XSL Helper, and RSS portlet
- Using custom Domino JSP tag libraries
- Using Java programming
- Using portlet builders, including software products from IBM, Bowstreet, CONET, and others

For each of the integration options, we provide an overview of the technology, an introduction to the software and tools used, and step-by-step examples of using the techniques to portalize our sample Domino application.

This book is aimed at Domino application developers or anyone else who wants to learn how to portalize Domino applications.
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Date Published: September 22, 2003
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