Day One: Navigating the Junos XML Hierarchy

Tim Fiola

Day One: Navigating the Junos XML Hierarchy

“This book provides a clear and concise understanding of the XML hierarchy with many examples that help lay a solid foundation about the basics of XML, it’s hierarchy, and mechanics. This Day One book will expand your thinking about what Junos automation can do for you and how to efficiently apply it in your own organization.”
- Sean Watson, JNCIE-M #450, JNCIS-SEC, JNCIS-ER, Juniper Networks Professional Services Engineer

Understanding XML structure and XML hierarchies helps you to more efficiently use Junos automation and leverage native Junos XML capabilities. XML is useful for expressing data in a hierarchy because it uses a series of opening and closing tags to make it easy to navigate through a hierarchy to find specific data.

Junos uses XML natively. While not visible to most users, Junos uses an XML API to convert the CLI commands into XML, and the resulting XML output into a more readable CLI output. Junos automation communicates with Junos via this same XML API. It thereby offers a powerful and comprehensive toolset for interacting with and directing the Junos processes.

Day One: Navigating the Junos XML Hierarchy shows you how to:
  • Understand what XML is and the properties of an XML hierarchy.
  • Understand how Junos automation everages the native XML capabilities of the operating system.
  • Understand and effectively use current and context nodes in your scripts.
  • Effectively use predicates and XML axes to qualify which nodes your script selects.
  • Create location path expressions to isolate the specific data that interests you.

    Tim Fiola is a Network Engineer in Juniper Networks’ Professional Services organization. He is JNCIE-M #419 and has over 6 years experience working with JUNOS devices.
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