Day One: Junos Monitoring and Troubleshooting

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Day One: Junos Monitoring and Troubleshooting

This Day One booklet advocates a process for monitoring and troubleshooting your network. The goal is to give you an idea of what to look for before ever typing a show command, so by book’s end, you should know not only what to look for, but where to look. It shows you how to identify the root causes of a variety of problems and advocates a common approach to isolate the problems with a best practice set of questions and tests. Moreover, it includes the instrumentation to assist in root cause identification and the configuration know-how to solve both common and severe problems before they ever begin.

Day One: Junos Monitoring and Troubleshooting shows you how to:
  • Anticipate the causes and locations of network problems before ever logging in to a device.
  • Develop a standard monitoring and troubleshooting template providing technicians and monitoring systems with all they need to operate your network.
  • Utilize the OSI model for quick and effective troubleshooting across different protocols and technologies.
  • Use the power of Junos to monitor device and network health and reduce network downtime.
  • Develop your own test for checking the suitability of a network fix.

“Day One: Junos Monitoring and Troubleshooting is a practical how-to guide for the Junos novice, as well as a testament to the troubleshooting and monitoring power of Junos for the veteran engineer.”
Phil Heller, Senior Network Engineer, Verne Global

About the Authors
Jamie Panagos is a Senior Network Consultant for Juniper Networks and specializes in the design, implementation, and operation of datacenter, enterprise, and service provider networks. Jamie has over 10 years of experience on some of the largest networks in the world and has participated in several influential industry communities including NANOG, ARIN and RIPE. He holds JNCIE-MT #445 and JNCIE-ER #50.

Albert Statti is a Senior Technical Writer for Juniper Networks and has produced documentation for the Junos operating system for the past nine years. Albert has developed documentation for numerous networking features and protocols, including MPLS, VPNs, VPLS, and Multicast.
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Date Published: June 1, 2010
Author: Jamie Panagos & Albert Statti
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