Inspired Women Succeed

Diane Cunningham & Jo Ann Fore

Inspired Women Succeed

Be inspired. God did it for these forty women. He can do it for you too.

Diane Cunningham and Jo Ann Fore have crafted a Chicken Soup for the Soul®-spirited book that takes readers on an inspirational journey; a journey which teaches women how to entrust the hard spots of life to a sovereign God who has a plan.

Inspired Women Succeed is a book of courage and hope. You will connect with forty, brave-hearted Christian women entrepreneurs who faced unfathomable trials with heroic faith. And this passionate group of women authentically shares their life-transforming stories.

Breathe in their heartfelt words and experience a rich inspiration woven throughout the book, like an intricate delicate tapestry. Be inspired as these women discover their life’s passion. Most importantly, be challenged by their words as you learn how to use your own life experiences as a catalyst for success.

This book is about real women doing real life. In some way, each of these stories is a piece of our own. Through a vulnerable transparency, the stories of these women offer you a permission to be real. To confront the tough issues of life with a new perspective.

Amazing things happen when women follow their inspiration.
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Pages: 263
Date Published: May 18, 2011
ISBN: 9781450767804
Author: Diane Cunningham & Jo Ann Fore
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