Day One: MPLS for Enterprise Engineers

Darren J. S. O’Connor

Day One: MPLS for Enterprise Engineers

There are many books on MPLS, even within the Day One library, but most are directed towards engineers with high levels of expertise and some networking engineers can get quite lost. This book takes a different tactic and focuses on configuring and recognizing MPLS basics, so those larger MPLS complexities seem less daunting.

Day One: MPLS for Enterprise Engineers is for engineers with at least a JNCIA-level of Junos, in addition to some IGP experience (BGP experience helps but is not essential). With this experience in hand, the reader should be able to build a few simple topologies in a lab and follow along with the book’s tutorial chapters.

Learning MPLS is key for enterprise engineers who are moving to, or working in Service Provider networks, and this Day One will allow you to understand what all those other MPLS books are saying. Start Here.

"A superb book for getting straight into the heart of the subject matter that will have any- one familiar with Junos up and running with MPLS in no time. Practical commands with a thoughtful explanation of why each one is needed, backed up by detailed show commands and real examples will give Enterprise engineers the confidence to play in the Service Provider space." -- Harry Lewins, Senior Networking Consultant, JNCIS-SEC/FWV/ENT/SP, CCNP, CCIP. CNSE, BCNE

  • Better understand MPLS
  • Understand LDP and RSVP
  • Understand Labels
  • Deploy Layer 2 and Layer 3 services to your customers
  • Build a working model in your lab

About the Author: Darren J. S. O’Connor is from Cape Town, South Africa, and is a Network Architect, certified JNCIE-SP #2227 and CCIE #3807 (R and S) - currently working for an ISP based in London, UK.
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Author: Darren J. S. O’Connor
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