Day One: Using JSNAP to Automate Network Verifications

Diogo Montagner

Day One: Using JSNAP to Automate Network Verifications

Building High-IQ Networks means automating your network administration. Start scripting with JSNAP and verify your network’s cutovers in minutes instead of hours.

Network engineers are constantly involved in planning and executing network changes and they are always concerned about the state of the network after the changes have been applied. The truth is, no one wants to go home and receive a call from the NOC saying there is a problem with the network, especially in the area where your changes were applied.

In order to reduce the risks of getting into an unpleasant situation after a change, many engineers have developed procedures and tools to verify their networks. The good news is that there is JSNAP – an automation tool that details pre- and post-verifications. JS- NAP is a collection of SLAX scripts that runs on top of juise, the environment that runs SLAX scripts off-the-box.

From setup, to sample scripts, to complete SLAX configurations, this Day One has it all – and you can put what you’ve learned to use in a matter of hours.

"WOW! This is an impressive document. Personally I think it goes beyond a "Day One" given the material and coverage. I am very, very impressed with the content and coverage." - Jeremy Schulman, Director, Automation Concept Engineering, Juniper Networks

  • Deploy automation for the network verification process.

  • Understand the how to automate the verification process using JSNAP.

  • Improve the network verification process by being more assertive during pre- and post-network verifications of a network change procedure.
  • Create automated network verification tests.
  • Use JSNAP in a snap.

About the Author: Diogo Montagner (JNCIE #1050 and PMP #1616862) holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Universidade Federal de Santa Maria (UFSM) and MBA in Project Management from Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV). He has been working in the Juniper Advanced Services Team since 2008.
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