Day One: Finishing Junos Deployments

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Day One: Finishing Junos Deployments

Here's a Day One book that can help you finalize your deployments with a suite of best practices, sample configurations, and a handy checklist.

When you are almost done with a deployment and see the straightaway to the finish dead ahead—when you begin racing towards the cutover – that’s exactly when you need to take a deep breath and concentrate on the finishing touches.

Is there anything important I neglected to do? Experience has taught you that while it’s probably a good deployment, you still need to consider whether anything is stopping it from becoming a great deployment.

Day One: Finishing Junos Deployments is a twofold book: first, it serves as a reminder for those all-important finishing touches that should be applied to any Junos OS deployment, and second, it describes how to implement those finishing touches on a network device running Junos OS.

"Martin Brown takes post-Junos deployments to another level in this excellent Day One book! We sometimes forget about attention to detail in routine configuration deployments and this book goes to great lengths to ensure that no configuration item, big or small, is overlooked. This book is a time saver, headache reliever, and the pre-deployment checklist is a must!" - Scott Ware, Network Security Engineer, ITS Security Technologies

  • Better understand Network Monitoring
  • Use special Junos commands to check that your configuration is working as expected
  • Understand how to control access to devices
  • Be able to deploy a more secure network device

About the Author:
Martin Brown is a Network Security Engineer for a major telco based in the UK, and a Juniper Ambassador with knowledge that covers a broad range of network devices. Martin started his career in IT 20 years ago supporting Macintosh computers, became an MCSE in 1999, and has since progressed to networking, supporting most of the major manufacturers including Cisco, F5, Checkpoint, and of course, Juniper.

Price: $14.00
Pages: 61
Date Published: April 27, 2015
Author: Martin Brown
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