This Week: Hardening Junos Devices, 2nd Edition

John Weidley

This Week: Hardening Junos Devices, 2nd Edition

Harden your organizationís security posture this week with this newly revised book and companion checklist.

Juniper Networks takes the security of its products very seriously and has created proven processes and procedures following industry best practices. This Week: Hardening Junos Devices, 2nd Edition divides Juniperís hardening procedures into four topic areas Ė Non-Technical, Physical Security, Operating System Security, and Configuration Hardening Ė and delves into sample strategies, example configurations, and dozens of suggestions and useful tips for implementing each hardening process. All features discussed in this book are available and tested in Junos 12.3 (current recommended code) and for some features the book discusses options available in later code releases.

Encyclopedic in its coverage, This Week: Hardening Junos Devices, 2nd Edition is a book you can- not afford not to read. The authorís 15 years of experience supporting U.S. Government agencies makes it applicable to high security environments such as service providers, financial institutions, government, and enterprise networks. But itís also pertinent to the devices in your wiring closet and branch office. Once you take care of the physical security, you can harden your Junos device to resist attacks and diversions, as well as the careless mishaps that haunt even the most experienced network engineer. This book also includes a handy checklist you can print or copy for each device you control.

"The best network design will not help you if you forget to thoroughly secure and harden your network devices. This book is particularly welcomed by those taking their first steps into the Junos world - it helps map concepts from Cisco IOS into various Junos dialects as well as covering all the bits and pieces you might never even consider, like securing the LCD menu." Ivan Pepelnjak, Network architect, AG,

  • Review the non-technical aspects of device management that are so critical to the overall security posture of your organization.
  • Understand how physical security is an important aspect of device deployment.
  • Understand and deploy the Junos operating systemís inherent security features.
  • Identify important management, access services, and user account restrictions to provide least privileged access.
  • Configure route authentication for popular routing and signaling protocols.
  • Create and apply a firewall filter to protect the routing engine.

About the Author
John Weidley is a Resident Engineer with Juniper Networks. He has been certified in Juniper Networks as JNCIS-SEC, JNCIS-SSL, JNCIA-FWV, and JNCIA-EX, and has worked closely supporting U.S. Government agencies for the last 20 years.

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