The Governing Dynamics of Coaching

James Smith

The Governing Dynamics of Coaching

In any professional endeavor, the differential between all that is knowable and all that one knows describes the knowledge expanse which that individual is faced with when making the most informed and objective decisions.

What if everything the world understands about sports coaching, coaching education, and hiring coaches merely represents the tip of an iceberg? What if the world has yet to recognize what lies beneath the surface? What if a book existed that revolutionized how coaches are qualified, educated, and hired? And what if this book demonstrated how to engineer the entire preparatory scheme from which every coach and physio worked off of?

Sport coaching may be objectively characterized as the process of supervising the development of athletes in all operating facets of preparation for competition. If one agrees with this assertion, then one must also agree that any sport coach must make it his or her directive to become as knowledgeable as possible in all relevant fields of influence on sport preparation.

This book was created to serve as an educational resource for aspiring coaches, existing coaches, people who hire coaches, the people who hire the people who hire coaches, academia, and sports media. Allow the information contained within these pages to serve as a concept laden reference that may aid to inspire universities to properly formulate curricula for undergraduate and post-graduate programs in "sport coaching" for any coach of any discipline. If successful this book will restructure and, ultimately, evolve the way you think about what it means to coach; and what any coach must know in order to be objectively qualified for their work.
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