Day One: Automating Junos® with Ansible, 2nd Edition

Sean Sawtell

Day One: Automating Junos® with Ansible, 2nd Edition

Create Ansible playbooks to automate your network tasks. This new Second Edition is updated for Juniper’s Galaxy modules version 2.x and the latest versions of Ansible and the Junos® OS. The 2nd Edition contains new content and Ansible playbook examples in all fifteen chapters.

Network automation is expanding rapidly. Many network engineers are looking into automation but they do not have a background in programming. Ansible helps – it minimizes the programming aspects of automation – but getting started building real-world solutions can be confusing. Many other Ansible training resources focus on automating server tasks, not network tasks. It’s time for a Day One guide that helps you set up an Ansible environment that can manage hundreds of Junos networking devices and accomplish realistic network management tasks. Day One: Automating Junos with Ansible is the newest book on network automation for network engineers. It includes a set-up guide, tutorials, and showcase scenarios whose Ansible scripts you can download on GitHub, all while discussing real-world requirements like secure authentication.

“This is a no-nonsense tutorial that gets you automating for real – really fast. Reading through the material is like sitting down with a tutor who’s eager to share easy-to-follow real-world examples, complete with practical tips handed down from lessons learned through the author’s past experience. Skip the pie-in-the-sky, 30,000-foot, hand-waving you might get from other automation books and get started automating Junos with Ansible today!” - Jarrod Shields, Senior Network Engineer, Juniper Networks

“This is a true Day One book providing enough background and guidance to bring a beginner into the world of Network Automation. Even advanced users will be impressed with the thorough screenshots, CLI outputs, and playbook samples used to educate the audience with the tips and tricks to accomplish another level of automating with Ansible and Junos OS.” - Jessica Garrison, Network Automation Architect, Juniper Networks

  • Install Ansible and PyEZ
  • Understand Ansible’s file/folder structure
  • Create a device inventory with multiple groups
  • Create playbooks to execute commands on Junos devices
  • Create playbooks to update Junos device configuration, in either “set” or “config” format
  • Create templates of device configuration fragments, assemble the fragments, and apply the resulting configuration to devices
  • Create custom Ansible modules for tasks not supported by existing modules

About the Author Sean Sawtell has been with Juniper Networks since 2002 and has been a Network Engineer with Juniper’s internal network team since 2004. Sean’s focus today is on network automation. In 2014 Sean earned a Master of Science degree in Computer Science, and subsequently was an adjunct professor for two years teaching the CS curriculum. Before joining Juniper, Sean taught Microsoft and Novell courses and held MCSE, MCI, CNE, and CNI certifications.
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