Day One: Juniper Ambassadors' Cookbook for 2018

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Day One: Juniper Ambassadors' Cookbook for 2018

Whatís on the minds of the Juniper Ambassadors in 2018? Itís EVPN, automating with SaltStack, ELS and the EX Series, GRE Tunnels, VLANs, FBF routing, and more EVPN.

The Juniper Ambassador program recognizes and supports its top community members and the generous contributions they make through sharing their knowledge, passion, and expertise on J-Net, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social networks. In their new Day One cookbook, the Juniper Ambassadors take on some of the top networking support issues and provide clear-cut solutions and frank discussions on how to keep things running. The recipes in this cookbook provide quick and tested solutions to everyday networking administration issues.

"Networks are moving to the cloud and so are our Juniper Ambassadors. This book is filled with customer solutions using Juniper technologies Ė from EVPN, to automating Junos with SaltStack. I am grateful for the time and energy our Juniper Ambassadors have devoted to this book. Itís yet another proof point that Juniperís focus on customers is paying off." - Rami Rahim, CEO, Juniper Networks

  • Identify and resolve asymmetric routing problems.
  • Provide redundant L3 Gateway in an EVPN-VXLAN fabric with inter-tenant intra-subnet connectivity.
  • Use EVPN route type-5 for aggregating multiple host MAC+IP routes for tenants behind a single IP prefix for a given bridge domain.
  • Convert your legacy EX4200/EX2200 DHCP configuration over to the new Enhanced Layer 2 Software (ELS).
  • Restrict packet sizes that can affect GRE tunnels.
  • Extend a VLAN across a Layer 3 WAN without a complete re-architecture of the network
  • Implement FBF when the traffic being processed arrives at an interface inside of a virtual routerís routing instance.
  • Automate certain operational and configuration tasks on your Junos network devices using SaltStack.

Price: $25.00
Pages: 136
Date Published: September 18, 2018
Author: Dan Hearty, Tom Dwyer, Jeff Fry, Michel Tepper, Steve Puluka, Martin Brown, Peter Klimai, and Clay Haynes
Part Number: V4081805005
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