Day One: Building Containers with the cSRX, Second Edition

Andy Leung and Cindy Zhao

Day One: Building Containers with the cSRX, Second Edition

Create containers with Docker and Kubernetes. Manage and secure them all with the cSRX.

This Day One book introduces platform and container concepts and the advantages of using the cSRX to secure them. The authors present the Docker platform, explain how it is different from virtual machine platforms, review its security, and then show how to spin up containers on the Docker platform on different operating systems. The book then provides multiple step-by-step lab guides that show readers how to implement Juniper’s cSRX on a server with Ubuntu OS, and how it can protect other containers on the same server. But the book doesn’t stop there, it continues by showing how to deploy the cSRX in Kubernetes, how to integrate the cSRX with Juniper’s networking management system, Contrail, and how the cSRX can be deployed as a containerized function block to provide advanced security policies, NAT, UTM, and IPS for a Kubernetes network.

“Containers are probably one of the hottest topics in the industry today as more applications are deployed across a vast array of platforms. The authors draw upon their extensive field experience to demonstrate the basics of Docker and containers to show how an application, in this case Juniper’s firewall software, can be deployed as a container.” - Allan Young, Senior Director, APAC Systems Engineering, Juniper Networks

“As cloud adoption increases combined with technologies such as containers, securing these environments is critical to ensure success of the applications using them. In this new book, Andy and Cindy share their extensive field and hands-on experience to help you secure container workloads and gain visibility into the applications that run in these containers. The book walks the reader from concepts to implementation within a short span of time, yet it is packed with ample code and practical examples. Kudos to the team!” - Mitesh Dalal, Product Management Director, NGFW and Enterprise, Juniper Networks

  • What the cSRX firewall can do and how to deploy it in a production environment.
  • How to use Docker and create applications using containers.
  • How to deploy the cSRX to protect container applications
About the Authors

Andy Leung is an APAC Systems Engineering Director based in Hong Kong at Juniper Networks. He has over 20 years of experience in computer networking and security. He worked for Sun Microsystems, IBM, and Netscreen Technologies before joining Juniper. He is a CISSP.

Cindy Zhao is an APAC Systems Engineer based in Hong Kong at Juniper Networks. She has over 4 years’ experience in automation and security. She is JNCIP-SEC.

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Date Published: November 17, 2020
Author: Andy Leung and Cindy Zhao
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