Make Emotional Learning Stick Card Deck

Elizabeth Sautter

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Anytime ideas for busy parents on the go to help your child manage their emotions, navigate social situations & reduce anxiety.

This deck of 52 cards focuses on simple suggestions and strategies to support your child's emotional skills and growth. With these easy-to-follow cards, you have the tools and confidence to turn everyday routines and situations into teachable moments.

Adaptable for multiple ages and abilities, these are tips, tools and strategies help you collaborate and connect with your child while supporting their emotional awareness, emotional intelligence and regulation. Real-life concepts are covered, ranging from helping your child to identify their emotions and learning to listen to others and pause before reacting when overwhelmed. Use these cards one at a time to inspire and spark fun ideas that work in real-time to help your child's development.

What's in this deck:
  • Mindfulness activities
  • Teaching whole body listening
  • Building emotional vocabulary and awareness
  • Tools to foster self-regulation and emotional control
  • Strategies for sensory regulation
  • How to reduce anxiety
  • And much more

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    ISBN: 9781641844307
    Author: Elizabeth Sautter
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