Day One: Migrating to Segment Routing

Shraddha Hegde, Chris Bowers, and Melchior Aelmans

Day One: Migrating to Segment Routing

A Junos® migration guide packed with tips and configurations from field implementations and production cutovers.

Recent activity in IETF and the network community suggest using the Segment Routing (SR) control plane for large transport networks. That’s because RSVP and LDP can’t address all of the challenges operators of large scale modern transport networks face. Hence the development of Segment Routing architecture that not only addresses these challenges but can greatly simplify operations by reducing the variety of protocols needed. The authors point out other cool advantages of SR along the way, too, as they take you through a Junos migration from RSVP to SR in a speedy but thorough style. The Appendix offers two alternative approaches to solving SR migration scenarios plus all the configurations from the book’s lab.

“Hegde, Bowers, and Aelmans lead you through the ins and outs of a Junos migration to Segment Routing with ease. Their world class knowledge, both theoretical and practical, is a boon to the reader as they add field-derived insights to each migration stage. I’m ecstatic they’ve written this needed Junos book, and trust me, you’re in good hands the entire migration.” John Scudder, IETF Routing Area Director, Juniper Networks Distinguished Engineer

“This is a must-read book for every practitioner focused on using Segment Routing to address the challenges in provisioning LSPs and distribution of labels in large-scale transport networks. The book is unique as it focuses on providing concrete suggestions, tips, and tricks with detailed practical, hands-on examples and case studies. My kudos to the authors for an excellent job in delivering useful content.” Raj Yavatkar, PhD, Chief Technology Officer, Juniper Networks

“Migrating an existing MPLS network in-service to Segment Routing has a lot of larger and smaller obstacles, many of them unseen at the first glance. Whether you come from ISIS or OSPF, whether you are using LDP or RSVP, this book shows you what you need to think about, which options you have and how to do all of this with Junos. Knowing the authors from several years of common work at the IETF I can assure you they made this book as efficient and helpful for the task as it can be.” - Dr. Martin Horneffer, Squad Lead Internet Backbone Architecture, Tier 1 Operator

  • Understand how to migrate RSVP to the segment routing control plane.
  • Make the needed configuration changes on routers running the Junos® OS.
  • Verify segment routing operations on Junos devices.
  • Use TI-LFA to replace RSVP-TE.
  • Two alternative migration scenarios authored by Colby Barth and Jordan Stewart

About the Authors
Shraddha Hegde is a Principal Engineer in Juniper Networks’ Routing Protocols Group. She (co-) authored five IETF RFC documents and several internet drafts. Shraddha has 20 years of experience in Networking Domain in the area of IGP, FRR, Segment Routing, MPLS, and IP Security. She has vast experience in building and deploying highly scalable data-communications platforms. Prior to joining Juniper, Shraddha served as a Systems Architect for a major telecom equipment vendor.

Chris Bowers is a Principal Engineer in Juniper Networks’ Routing Protocols Group. He has co-authored seven IETF RFCs and co-chaired the IETF Routing Area Working Group. Chris has a broad range of networking experience from optical networking, security, and IP/MPLS technologies. Recently his focus has been on using segment routing for fast-reroute and micro-loop avoidance applications, as well as scaling of IGP implementations and deployments.

Melchior Aelmans is a Consulting Engineer at Juniper Networks, where he has been working with many operators on the design and evolution of their networks. He has over 15 years of experience in various operations and engineering positions with Cloud Providers, Data Centers, and Service Providers. Melchior enjoys evangelizing and discussing routing protocols, routing security, internet routing and peering, and data center architectures. He also participates in IETF and RIPE, is a regular attendee and presenter at conferences and meetings, is a member of the NANOG Program Committee, and a board member at the NLNOG Foundation.

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Date Published: June 10, 2021
Author: Shraddha Hegde, Chris Bowers, and Melchior Aelmans
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