I AM Mantra Card Deck

Beth Lynch

The "I Am" is a sacred & natural mantra when meditated on opens intuition, allows clarity & confidence. When said with reverence, you align to a frequency that shifts perspective & opens you to peace, possibilities & power in your life. There are 44 cards that will align you to the positive energy of your question or daily message. Mental & emotional wellness begins with perspective.

Helps you open to trust your intuition
Helps clears negative perceptions
Opens you to accept Highest good
Builds inner confidence
Opens you to the language of Spirit

The I Am opens you to transform your situation or receive your daily message. Ask for higher insight & guidance & meditate on the mantra. The I Am cards can be used to for you to share & inspire others.
Price: $24.95
Date Published: July 29, 2021
ISBN: 9781647754129
Author: Beth Lynch
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