Day One Green: Juniper Networks 2023

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Day One Green: Juniper Networks 2023

Juniper is serious about network sustainability and serious about the role that we can serve for the betterment of our times. The dozen engineering papers collected in this book were written to jumpstart the discussion of sustainable networks and lowered network carbon emissions through engineering insight. The papers follow a pattern: what can we do right now; what best practices can we start to formulate; and what technology can we develop for tomorrow, with the concluding paper from the Juniper CTO team on what network benchmarking can do to help measure our conservation efforts.

  • What is a Green Network and what benchmarks can we use to establish success and credibility.
  • What is Juniper doing to increase gigabytes per watt.
  • How can AI be used to efficiently run our networks.
  • Understand the relationship of networking, climate, and carbon emissions.
  • What is Juniper doing with its supply chains and equipment vendors.
  • What sustainable best practices can be adopted for our labs and our production networks.

“The Internet has become central to all our lives. It has a role to play in solving the most pressing issue facing this generation.” - from the Preface by Mike Marcellin, CMO, Juniper Networks

NOTE: This printed book uses recycled paper and is printed on-demand with no excess and no warehousing. The complete book in PDF is available at as a free download.

Price: $35.00
Pages: 107
Date Published: February 16, 2023
Author: Chang-Hong Wu, Kapil Jain, Eswaran Srinivasan, Unmesh Agarwala, Valery Kugel, Peter Fetterolf, Sharada Yeluri, David Owen, Attila Aranyosi, Harshad Agashe, Rebecca Biswas, Yedu Siddalingappa, Gautam Ganguly, Christian Scholz, Paddy Berry, Chris Demers, Ne
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