The Tale of Tommy Tomlinson's Tennis Shoes

Carrie E. Pierce

The Tale of Tommy Tomlinson's Tennis Shoes

Price Includes: Book – 11x7 Poster & 18 Stickers!

'Tommy Tomlinson was a five-year-old boy with a small body, a big bedroom closet, and even bigger fears about just what, exactly, lived in that closet between the hours of midnight and five a.m. each night.'

Meet 'The Tale of Tommy Tomlinson's Tennis Shoes' by acclaimed author, Carrie E. Pierce!

This tale of rollicking adventure takes the reader on a life-changing journey through the process of overcoming fear and conveys many important and heartfelt lessons along the way.

Storytime is a time to create special memories with the children in your life; however, many adults find it challenging to discover appropriate children’s literature that’s well-written and enjoyable for adults and children alike. Carrie Pierce believes you should be able to feel confident the book you’re reading to your children is free from agendas or inappropriate themes, which is why she prayerfully crafted The Tale of Tommy Tomlinson’s Tennis Shoes, a superbly written children’s chapter book filled with wholesome adventures, higher-level vocabulary that sparks conversation, 15 original and beautiful illustrations as well as time-honored values so your storytimes can help you create the shared memories you desire.

When read aloud to children, the age range for this book grows to accommodate ages 6-12. Great for boys and girls alike, and makes the perfect Bed Time Story, spread out over many nights. Beautifully written and extremely poignant, 'The Tale of Tommy Tomlinson's Tennis Shoes' is a Must Read if you have young ones struggling with fears, insecurities, or feelings of not belonging.

This delightful tale is destined to become a classic! Get your copy today!

Price: $32.95
Date Published: February 1, 2023
ISBN: 9781735846521
Author: Carrie E. Pierce
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