Justina Lasley
Justina Lasley, M.A. is an author and the founder of the Institute for Dream Studies, as well as the creator of DreamSynergy™, a comprehensive process with proven results for uncovering dream meaning leading to personal transformation.

She is the author of Wake Up to Your Dreams: Transform Your Relationships, Career, and Health While You Sleep, a recently updated Honoring the Dream: A Handbook for Dream Group Leaders, and In My Dream…, a unique dream journal.

Justina has been featured on television, radio and in numerous newspaper and magazine articles. Her twenty-five years of study and practical experience contribute to her success as a speaker, trainer, and coach at such venues as Omega Institute and the NY Open Center. Check out her work at www.DreamSynergy.com and www.institutefordreamstudies.org and follow her on Facebook and Twitter
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