Need some new ideas for products that will support your business? Love the idea of having tangible samples in your hand when making critical decisions about your productís specs? Then our sample products are just what you need.

  1. Card Decks <br>& Greeting Card Sample
  2. Cover: 10 mm Laminated<br>Binding: Metal Spiral
  3. Cover: 2-ply (24 pt) Board Covers<br> Binding: Metal Spiral Binding
  4. Cover: 2-ply (24 pt) Board Covers<br>Binding: Wire-o
  5. Cover: 2-ply, 3-ply and 4-ply sample cards
  6. Cover: Hardcover<br>Binding: 3-rings
  7. Cover: Linen Hardcover Foil Stamped<br>Binding: Case Bound
  8. Cover: Printed Hardcover<br>Binding: Case Bound
  9. Cover: Printed Hardcover<br>Binding: Concealed Wire-o
  10. Cover: Soft Faux Leather w/Foil<br>Binding: Wire-o
  11. Cover: Softcover with Soft Touch Lamination<br>Binding: Perfect Bound
  12. Cover: Softcover<br>Binding: Center Sewn
  13. Cover: Softcover<br>Binding: Perfect, Spiral and Saddle-stitch
  14. Cover: Softcover<br>Binding: Plastic Spiral
  15. Cover: Softcover<br>Binding: Punched for Disc Binding
  16. Cover: Softcover<br>Binding: Saddle-stitch
  17. Cover:Printed Hardcover <br>Binding: Wire-o
  18. Cover:Softcover with Foil Stamped Poly Overlay<br>Binding: Metal Spiral
  19. Desktop Calendar <br>& Wall Calendar
  20. Hardcover Easel Frame<br>Wire-o Binding
  21. Magnetic Hinged Box
  22. Newsletters, Notepads <br>& Certificates
  23. Paper & Finishing Samples for Card Decks
  24. Paper Samples
  25. Posters<br>2 Posters, 1 Laminated
  26. Printed Box<br>Printed inside and out
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