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Give Your Book a Voice!

Imagine your book enjoyed by listeners all over the world. We can help you create and distribute audiobooks that will provide your audience with the ability to listen to your book whenever and wherever they want.

All you need to do is send us your audio files (or give us access to them) and we can create your audiobooks as CDs or loaded on USB flash drives.

We know there are a few big players in the audiobook arena that you might talk to, but they come with some steep commitments (Amazon requires a 7-year contract!) and heavy commissions. If you're not thrilled about the options out there, we invite you to check out our services and learn more about how offering your customers a physical audiobook (on CD or USB flash drive) is a great independent alternative.

GET STARTED: Email or schedule a phone call with one of our publishing experts HERE for free quotes and more information about audiobooks or other products we can help you create.


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