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Hard Cover Books & Planners

The premier method for printing your book

Hard cover books are the perfect way to make your book stand out as something special. These books are attractive, durable and offer increased value and prestige for everything from novels, memoirs, cookbooks, children's books, planners and journals.

Hard cover books can be printed almost any size and with any of the following options:

Hard Cover Spiral or Wire-O Planners and Journals

Everyone loves a planner, journal or workbook that has a beautiful and durable hardcover and lays flat. These types of products are perfect for any type of business and business goal. We offer the following options:

Case Bound Hard Covers: We print a full color sheet, case bind the front and back covers and then either spiral bind or wire-o bind for a beautiful, durable planner, journal or book.

Thick Board Hard Covers: These covers are printed single or 2-sided on thick board stock and then two sheets are laminated together to produce a substantial and sturdy cover.

Binding: We offer two binding options for hard cover planners and journals: spiral binding or Wire-O binding.

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