Snap-in Bookmarks ]

Snap-in bookmarks for spiral or wire-o bound products are a great way to enhance the functionality and personalization of planners or journals. These bookmarks are die-cut from frosted poly plastic or synthetic plastic paper.

Frosted poly plastic bookmarks are translucent and can be foil stamped with your personal message. Synthetic plastic paper bookmarks offer a more traditional paper-like feel while still providing excellent durability. This material is tear-resistant and water-resistant, allowing you to create a full-color printed bookmark.

Snap-in Bookmarks samples

Both types of snap-in bookmarks are designed to easily snap into spiral or wire-o bindings. The snap mechanism ensures that the bookmarks stay securely in place while allowing for quick and convenient flipping between pages.

Printed bookmarks with square or round corners are a popular and timeless choice. Traditional bookmarks printed on 12 pt cover stock provide a sturdy and professional feel. Additionally, for added customization and decorative options, we can add single hole in the bookmark. This allows you to attach ribbons or tassels, which can further enhance the bookmark's visual appeal and give it a more elegant touch.

Enhance your product by incorporating customized bookmarks.



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