Product Assembly

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Kitting and assembling products with multiple components

We offer a full range of product assembly services from simple collating to assembling products with multiple components.

We are often asked if we can include extra items along with your product when shipping. Yes, we are able to do this. Send us an email at and let us know your plans for the items, the product they are to be packaged with, and any other special instructions or requests.

If your product includes several different items such as a printed book, a training binder, bookmarks, a poster and a supplied wristband - we will produce the items provided by Vervante, include any items you have supplied to us, and ship the customer a complete product in one box.

Or if you sell other items such as supplements, fitness gear or t-shirts that are included with a product that we produce, we’ll be happy to package the items together so your customer receives a complete shipment from one supplier.

Unique, customized packaging

Ready to boost the value and excitement factor of your products in one simple step? Send them to your audience in unique, customized packaging.

We offer a wide variety of packaging and shipping options that can be customized with your brand colors, logos, and design to help your products truly stand out and add a personal touch.

Questions? Email for more information about our products and services that help you make a statement, make a connection and make your business shine.