Vervante Video Vault

Want to see how our products look and function in “real life”? This page features videos shot by our team to give you an in-depth look at product features and functionality in addition to instructional tips and strategies to level up your experience creating books and products with us.


Die-Cut Tabs

Customized tabs add to the aesthetics, functionality, and value of products like daily planners and training products. Here are all the details about colors, customizations, and how to set up for printing.

Add extra items to your packages

Add value and fun to your shipments by including extras such as cards, stickers, planner inserts, etc. We can help you insert items printed by Vervante – or ones you provide such as t-shirts, tote-bags, pens, etc.


Everyone loves stickers! Kiss Cut stickers easily peel from the backing, can have up to 30 different shapes per sheet, and are great for products such as daily planners, journals, training products, etc. Die Cut stickers can be printed and cut to any shape and are great for branding, promotions and packaging.

Budget Friendly Planner Ideas

Our popular planner that you can use as-is or customize to fit your vision. We’ve got new features and budget-friendly alternatives including wire binding in multiple colors, printed tab dividers, paper pockets, gorgeous images, and more. See our samples page to order one.

Plastic Snap-In Sheet

Snap-in sheets for wire-o bound products are a creative way to add value to your training product, planner, or workbook. This is an example of a plastic snap in sheet that can be written on with a dry-erase marker.

Perforated Pages

We can perforate pages that can be added to planners, journals or other products. You can also create perforated cards to add to products – and it’s great for easy tear-out pages in coloring books too!

Foil Stamping

Foil stamping is available in more than 50 colors. We can add foil stamping to greeting cards, tuck boxes, book covers, dust jackets, hardcovers, softcovers, board covers, poly plastic overlays, and more!

Glued Pockets & Ribbon Markers

New add-on options for planners! Glued pockets on the inside of hardcover planners are something your customers will love. Ribbon markers are also available for wire-o bound or spiral hardcover products. Love this planner? You can download the design files for free!

Snap-In Bookmarks

Enhance your products with snap-in bookmarks. Choose from frosted poly plastic for a translucent look with foil stamping or synthetic plastic paper for tear-resistant full-color designs. Easily attachable to spiral, wire-o binding and 3-ring binders, these bookmarks combine functionality and style.


Turned Edge Binders

Great for training and coaching products and planners. Hardcover featuring custom artwork. Wide range of sizes and materials including faux leather, linen or a printed cover.

Binders with Printed End Papers

Turned-edge binders are a great way to package a variety of products. They can have printed, faux leather, or linen covers with several different size rings. You can also include printed endpapers, die-cut tabs, and sheet protectors for an impressive product your customers will love.

Binding Options

Spiral & Wire-o Binding

Perfect for planners and journals. If you want your products to have sturdy binding, and be able to lay flat for easy reading and writing, this is perfect. You can also order Spiral and Wire-o binding in a wide range of custom colors to match your branding and give your product flair.

Hardcover Concealed Wire-o

Yes, you can have it all! A hardcover, wire-o planner, journal or book WITH a spine! Cover can be printed, vegan leather or linen. The example in this video shows printed end sheets and a lux soft-touch laminated cover. One of our favorites! See our samples page to order one.

Layflat Binding Smyth Sewn

We've got lay flat binding! If you want a hard-bound book, journal or coffee-table book that opens and lays flat for easy reading, this is what you need. Here you can see the difference between traditional casebound books and lay-flat bound books and how it can work in your products.

Punched for Disc Binding

Disc-bound planners are very popular! You can offer your own, and let your customers assemble planners their way with disc binding. We'll print and punch your product so it's ready for binding with discs.


Children's Books

We love children’s books! We can print any size in softcover, hardcover, vertical or landscape, and with all the details that kids and adults love: high-quality durable paper, vibrant color printing, saddle stitch or perfect binding, 2-sided covers with printed end sheets so images can carry across, and more!

Coffee Table Books

Coffee table books can be any subject, but they must all be beautiful! We can print gorgeous coffee table books, almost any page size and length, casebound with a dust jacket, and even add foil stamping or embossing to really catch the eye.



This video shows several of our calendar offerings: Wall calendar, desktop standing calendar, pocket calendar and tear-off daily calendar. We can print any size, with any binding such as saddle-stich, spiral, wire-o with hook, etc. Available on sample page.

Tear-off Calendar

These are easy to create, can be customized with your designs and content, and are a great option for adding a day-by-day type of calendar to your offerings. Can be printed any size, with padding along one edge for easy use. Now available on our sample page.

Easel Stand

Our easel stands are sturdy and can be made to fit any size desktop calendar or set of affirmations/inspirations. See our samples page to order one.

Card Decks & Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards & Packaging

We can print cards any size, design and with extras that will make them pop such as foil stamping, custom branding, interior printing, and professional packaging.

Card Decks

Highly customizable! Card decks can be printed any size – and we can create custom tuck boxes to fit the deck size and number of cards. Decks can be printed on coated stock, with matte or gloss UV coating AND we print booklets and guidebooks to accompany the deck. See our samples page to order one.

Magnetic Box for Card Deck

Sturdy, professional and attractive ideas for card decks including magnetic boxes, printed tuck boxes, clear plastic tuck boxes, and 2-piece rigid clear plastic boxes.

Cover Options

Cover options for Spiral and Wire-o products

See the difference between our Softcover, “Board" cover, and Hardcover options.

Disc Binding, Laminated & Poly Plastic Covers

Cutting edge options for journals, planners and other products. Learn more about poly plastic covers, laminated covers, foil stamping, disc binding and other options that make your product stand out.

Hardcover Journals

Multiple options for journals and books: Faux leather, linen or printed covers, foil stamping, soft or hard covers, ribbon markers, elastic straps. So many color, binding and design options to customize!

Faux Leather & Linen Journals

Your new journal can have a faux leather, linen or a printed cover. We offer a variety of faux leather and linen colors that you can see HERE. See our SAMPLES PAGE to order one. Metal corners, ribbon markers and elastic straps can be added to any of our hardcover journals.

Poly Paper Cover

Looking for a lightweight and durable option for your planner, journal, notebook, workbook, menu, etc? Our synthetic paper is durable, waterproof, tear-proof, washable, fade-resistant, and recyclable. It's great for covers, reference documents, menus, and much more!

10 mm Laminated Planner Cover

This lovely planner is available as a sample and features a sturdy 10 mm laminated cover (one of our most popular options!), metal spiral binding, stickers, and undated monthly and daily planning pages. See our samples page to order one.

Soft Faux Leather & Linen Covers

Add a soft faux leather cover to your new planner or journal to create a luxury cover without the weight or thickness of a hardcover. These covers can be foil stamped or embossed, spiral or wire-o bound. With more than 50 foil colors and 40 cover material colors, the options are endless!

See our SAMPLES PAGE to order one and see and feel this exciting new cover option.


Planner Notepads

Elevate your brand with customizable notepads - versatile, colorful, and convenient. Choose from color or black & white printing, easy tear-off pages, clear glue binding with chipboard backer, and optional magnetic strip. Perfect as standalone essentials or complementary business items. Any number of pages, any size!


Custom Printed Boxes

A custom printed box adds an extra bit of awesome to your product, welcome kit or subscription package. These boxes are available in any size – wait until you see the inside!

Shipping Boxes

Use our standard white box, add a branded sticker or let us print an amazing, full color printed custom size box for your product.

SAMPLES: Want to see the real deal for some real inspiration? Click here for more information and to order any one of our special Sample Products. You'll receive real-life examples of many different sizes and types of our products to inspire your next order.

If there’s a product you’d like to see and it’s not shown here, send us an email at and we’ll get it on the list.