Perfect Bound Books

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For a High-Quality, Professional, "Bookstore" Appearance

Perfect bound books present the highest quality of professionalism and are often used for high-end magazines, journals and paperbacks. If you plan on selling your book in a retail setting, perfect binding is the way to go.

Perfect bound books feature a binding method that involves printing a book’s cover on heavier stock paper (usually 12 point C1S cover stock), applying a strong adhesive to the inside of the spine and inserting the book’s inner pages into the adhesive. The adhesive then dries and holds the pages into the spine firmly, and the uneven edges of the inner pages are trimmed off to make them smooth.

We can bind a book at any size up to 8.5 x 11 inches. We do not have pre-set sizes. One of the most popular sizes for paperback books is 6 x 9 inches but it is completely up to you what your book should be. If you choose perfect binding, we are able to apply this to books up to 400 sheets (800 pages) and with as few as 35 sheets (70 pages).

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