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A Powerful Way to Share Your Expertise

Are you ready to share your message with high-quality CDs and DVDs? We can help you produce, package and ship your very own CDs and DVDs worldwide in professional-grade, custom branded packaging with no minimums and no set up fees.

We keep things simple for you. Just upload your audio or data files from your Vervante Author Dashboard (or send us your DVD master), we put your content on the exact amount of CDs or DVDs you need, then send them where you want. Need 1? You got it. Need 1,000? No problem!

Your expertise can make a positive difference in your audience’s lives. Need ideas?

  • Educational business series
  • Meditations & spirituality
  • Professional self-help guidance
  • Exercise videos
  • Cooking tutorials
  • The sky is the limit!

There are three types of CDs you can create:

  1. An audio CD: Can be played in a car, on a computer or in a home stereo. The total length of the files or files on an audio CD is 79 minutes.
  2. An MP3 CD: Contains MP3 files and can only be played on a computer using an MP3 player such as iTunes. The maximum size of the file or files is 700 MB.
  3. A data disc: Can only be played on a computer and can contain audio files, data files or a combination of both. The maximum size of the file or files is 700 MB.

For DVD projects we need a physical disc master. Please send DVD masters to:

400 North Geneva Rd Suite C
Lindon, Utah 84042
Please include your name, the project title, and send us an email at letting us know it’s on the way.

GET STARTED: Producing and shipping your product is as easy as 1, 2, 3 ... request a quote, create a free account, and upload your files. Get started NOW!

SAMPLES: Want to see the real deal for some real inspiration? Click here for more information and to order any one of our special Sample Packages. You'll receive real-life examples of many different sizes and types of our products to inspire your next order.

Questions? Email for more information about our products and services that help you make a statement, make a connection and make your business shine.


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