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When You Need a Large Amount of CDs or DVDs

Vervante will produce and distribute your high quality CDs or DVDs in professional-grade packaging to your customers worldwide. Need 500? You got it. Need 1,000 or 5,000? No problem!

What's the difference between disc duplication and replication? Duplication is the process of recording or "burning" content onto blank CD or DVD discs. Replicated discs are manufactured from a glass master. The glass master is used to develop a stamper. The stamper is loaded into an Injection Molding machine that creates the replicated CD or DVD. Replicated discs are less expensive than duplicated on-demand discs if you need 500 discs or more.

CDs (Audio or Data)

Upload audio or data files from your Author Dashboard or provide us with access to download the files from your server and we’ll produce the CDs you need, including:

  • Audio CDs that play up to 79 minutes each
  • MP3 CDs with maximum file size of 700 MB
  • Data discs containing up to 700 MB


We can replicate DVDs in a minimum run length of 500 or more. We will hold and ship individual orders on demand or ship in bulk.

GET STARTED: Producing and shipping your product is as easy as 1, 2, 3 ... request a quote, create a free account, and upload your files. Get started NOW!

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