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Christopher Dack

Christopher Dack

Author of Wings

Professionalism, high quality, and seamless e-commerce of a big player with the personal touch of a hometown printer

"We did heavy duty research on dozens of self-publishing options and actually tried several. Dismissing the outright hacks who are simply low-quality across the board, it seems the good ones fall into one of two camps. One, they're large and feature-rich but don't offer many customization options and certainly no personal touch. Or, two, they're small and will work with you, but only within the limits of their resources ... which are often quite limited indeed. Only Vervante has both -- the professionalism, high quality, slick storefront, and seamless e-commerce of a big player but with the personal touch and customization options of a hometown printer. We couldn't be happier with our choice and we'll return to Vervante for our next project, no question."