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Joseph McBride

Joseph McBride

Vervante is the wave of the future.

"I am delighted with the skill, professionalism, and service Vervante offers. As the author of seventeen books since 1968, I have worked with many publishing companies over the years in the United States and abroad, including some of the biggest. While that is rewarding, there are certain projects for which the self-publishing option through a fulfillment house is the ideal way to go. I have chosen to work with Vervante now on a book and a documentary film DVD. They have given me the tools to conceptualize and realize these labors of love personally and to see them through to successful completion with the most professional, painstaking, and meticulous craftsmanship. I have been spreading the word about Vervante and the virtues of self-publishing for the last few years now, because I think that electronic publishing and distribution give authors many important options that grant us more freedom. It is an exciting time, and Vervante is in the forefront of this media revolution. I have found that Vervanté takes great care with every detail of my projects in bringing them to fruition, and that this enthusiastic, extremely helpful company makes it easy to sell and promote the products online through Amazon and in other ways. I have been delighted with Vervante's service. It is all-important to an author to work with people who are so knowledgeable, helpful, efficient, caring, and prompt in responding and answering questions about how the process works. For someone who self-published his first book back in 1968, when that kind of publishing was still in the Dark Ages, it is exciting to be guided so well by Vervante in all the bright new ways of self-publishing. They are the wave of the future. I could not recommend them more highly, and I will keep spreading the word to my fellow authors as well as to independent filmmakers."