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Perfect for Workbooks, Cookbooks, Calendars, Journals & Planners

Spiral binding is an extremely popular style for everything from workbooks and cookbooks to calendars, journals, planners and training guides. Documents bound with spiral coil have the ability to open flat on a desk or table and offer 360 degree rotation for easy note taking. It is commonly used when it is necessary or desirable to be able to open the product back on itself without breaking the spine.

Spiral binding is also known by a number of other names including spiral coil, plastic coil and coil binding. Spiral binding is extremely durable and available in a wider variety of colors and sizes than any other binding style. Spiral-bound books can be printed in any size, up to 8.5 x 11 inches maximum, and any length up to 250 pages.

We offer several spiral binding options, including:

  • Spiral bound: white or black coil
  • Semi-Concealed Spiral bound (also called Reverse Concealed Spiral or Wire-O): A great option if you want the versatility of a lay flay option PLUS a printed spine.
  • Easel Style Wire-O: Binding that allows desktop or workspace display for calendars, cookbooks, inspirational and motivational products

Create spiral-bound products — with a twist!

Spiral binding with a traditional book spine: Love the idea of a spiral bound book but want a spine? We've got a solution. We can print a wrap-around cover over the spiral binding of your book so that you get the best of both worlds — a spiral-bound, lay-flat book with a printed spine that looks great on your bookshelf.

Easel-style presentation: A practical way to display books on a desk, kitchen counter, nightstand or workspace. Also great for flip-style presentations to your clients and customers. We can add an easel style, a-frame base to your calendar, cookbook, inspirational or motivational product. These are custom made based on the size of your book/calendar/product and are bound with your printed pages.

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