Spiral Bound Books Spiral Bound Books

Perfect for Workbooks, Cookbooks, Calendars, Journals & Planners

Books that will be used regularly such as planners, journals, workbooks, and cookbooks need covers and binding that are durable and functional while still looking attractive. Spiral and Wire-o binding are the most popular options with the ability to lay open flat or fold 360 degrees making it easy read and write on.

Plastic & Metal Spiral binding

Plastic spiral binding is sometimes also called spiral coil or plastic coil. Plastic spiral binding is durable, won't break or bend under pressure, and comes in 45 different colors allowing you to customize your book down to the smallest detail.

Metal spiral binding is available in four colors: black, white, silver and gold. Spiral binding is available in coil sizes ranging from 1/4" to 1.25". Books as small as 2" and up to 20" can be spiral bound.

Spiral or Wire-o binding with a wrap-around cover

If you'd like the ease of spiral binding AND the look of a book with a printed spine, we offer a wrap-around cover that gives you the best of both worlds - a spiral-bound, lay-flat book with a printed spine that looks great on a bookshelf. Semi-concealed spiral or wire-o binding is available for softcover books and concealed wire-o binding is available with hardcovers.

Wire-o binding

Wire-o binding is also known as twin loop, double-loop, or double-wire binding and goes through a square punched hole. It provides another option for creating a book that can lay flat for easy use.

One of the advantages of wire-o binding is that it does not "step-up" when opened which allows the images to seamlessly cross over. It comes in several colors, including gold - and is very popular for journals and planners. Wire-o binding is available in coil sizes ranging from 1/8" to 1.25" and the binding edge can be as small as 2" and up to 20".

Hard cover and soft cover options

We offer both soft and hard cover options with spiral and wire-o binding. Index tabs can be added to any of our spiral or wire-o bound products.

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