"I have worked with Vervante for years and the service is easy to use and extremely reliable. I’ve tried other companies and nothing compares to the quality and service Vervante delivers. I can always rely on Vervante to ship my orders quickly, professionally and beautifully produced. I love the Vervante team!!"

Baeth Davis,

“We’ve been working with Vervante for many years now and are so grateful for their reliable service and accommodating all of our special requests. They produce all of our information products and fulfill orders for them and our FitFreeze ice cream as well. The Vervante Team is always prompt to reply and eager to help. It’s been a real win/win partnership and I highly recommend them!”

Chad Tackett, Founder

"Vervante has been a key partner in my info-publishing business.The Vervante team knows what's needed to make things work for the benefit of everyone. They understand the details of this business - and how to 'deliver the goods' at the end of the day. Since they handle many of the hands on aspects of production and fulfillment - I can focus on marketing, new product development and growing my business. I've been relying on Vervante since 2005 and it's been a win/win relationship... They've never disappointed me."

Joey Atlas

"The Vervante team does an exceptional job. They get orders out fast to my customers and take care of issues as if they are co-owners of my company. The Vervante team are very detailed oriented and dedicated and work tirelessly to make sure I am happy. Everyone makes mistakes and the key is what happens when mistakes are made. When the rare mistakes occur at Vervante, they take charge of the situation and resolve it immediately. It is such a pleasure to have them as my fulfillment company as I am free to take care of other areas of my business knowing confidently that my online store operates efficiently. I recommend their services highly."

Mike Mahler

"No one, and I mean NO ONE comes close to what Vervante has to offer. Incredible quality of service, impeccable quality of products, and the lowest prices in the industry! It’s a rarity these days to get prompt, friendly service, but that’s exactly what Vervante gives with every communication!"

Preston Ely

"On behalf of myself and Fitness Consulting Group, I want to thank you for working with us on the Culture Book project these past few weeks! We had a tight deadline, and you delivered exceptional service! The books arrived today, and they look fantastic. I know you were out of the office last week for holiday, and I truly appreciate you helping us in spite of that!"

Tim Ward, Vice President Publishing

"I am delighted with the skill, professionalism, and service Vervante offers. As the author of seventeen books since 1968, I have worked with many publishing companies over the years in the United States and abroad, including some of the biggest. While that is rewarding, there are certain projects for which the self-publishing option through a fulfillment house is the ideal way to go. I have chosen to work with Vervante now on a book and a documentary film DVD. They have given me the tools to conceptualize and realize these labors of love personally and to see them through to successful completion with the most professional, painstaking, and meticulous craftsmanship. I have been spreading the word about Vervante and the virtues of self-publishing for the last few years now, because I think that electronic publishing and distribution give authors many important options that grant us more freedom. It is an exciting time, and Vervante is in the forefront of this media revolution. I have found that Vervanté takes great care with every detail of my projects in bringing them to fruition, and that this enthusiastic, extremely helpful company makes it easy to sell and promote the products online through Amazon and in other ways. I have been delighted with Vervante’s service. It is all-important to an author to work with people who are so knowledgeable, helpful, efficient, caring, and prompt in responding and answering questions about how the process works. For someone who self-published his first book back in 1968, when that kind of publishing was still in the Dark Ages, it is exciting to be guided so well by Vervante in all the bright new ways of self-publishing. They are the wave of the future. I could not recommend them more highly, and I will keep spreading the word to my fellow authors as well as to independent filmmakers."

Joseph McBride

"I've been using Vervante's services since 2005 and over the years they've been right there with us from production and packaging of our very first product, to now over 50+ products and materials we ship out to thousands of customers and members worldwide each month. Vervante has been a great asset to our growth and I can confidently recommend their services to anyone in the Info-Marketing business. From strategies and tips on how to best make product packaging efficient and cost effective, to graphic design, shipping options, and more… Vervante is more than just a vendor, they are a great company that you will be happy to have on your team as grow."

Sean Greeley

"When you have a niche business you often want to create many different products rather than just one. And doing 1000 product orders is out of the question when you start on a shoestring budget. Although I started my business where I printed things and shipped them out myself, it started to get out of control so I sought out help and found Vervante. Having it 100% taken care of for you is so much easier. The hands-off deal allows me to spend time on my business rather then going to the post office everyday. It may not be the cheapest option but I have found nothing better for accomplishing what they can do so for me there is no going back. I highly recommend using Vervante for your production needs whether that’s manuals, CD’s, DVD’s or everything they can do. They’re fast and I’ve never had a problem with their customer service."

Logan Christopher

"I've worked with Vervante for years now and couldn't be happier. There have been occasional glitches, of course but they were always dealt with in a timely fashion and without drama. As a self-publisher, having a reliable print on demand company is a key aspect of my business and Vervante couldn't be more reliable. With fast turnaround times, ease of use and the best prices in the industry, I have referred many friends to them for print on demand services and will continue to do so."

Lyle McDonald

"I'm so grateful to Vervante for all the years of awesome partnership and service they've provided. I remember when we did our first quarter million dollar launch of 6-Figure Teleseminar Secrets. As I watched all those orders flood in over the internet, it was incredible to think that I would not need to lift another finger and my product would be beautifully packaged and delivered to the door of my new client in an expedient and reliable way. This model is amazing for any small business looking to leverage their time and provide high-quality, professional information products. I've been recommending Vervante to my clients for years and they've always done me proud!"

Lisa Sasevich

"Vervante is awesome! If you're looking for a company that can deliver the highest quality print-on-demand services at very reasonable prices and get your products into your customer's hands as fast as possible, Vervante is the only choice. I've used them for more than 5 years myself with all my products and wouldn't recommend trusting your business with anyone else. Vervante will get it done!"

Joel Jamieson

“The team at Vervante are hands down the best we’ve ever worked with for production and fulfillment. We’ve worked with them to create over 25 products – everything from print books to multimedia kits. We have yet to throw a project at them that they couldn’t handle. And best of all is the personal touch we get – they are always there to take care of us vs. having to jump through hoops to get support (which is unfortunately very common these days.) I wholeheartedly recommend Vervante, if you hadn’t guessed that already. ;)"

Tina Forsyth

"When I launch any of my products, it is really important that I partner with a fulfillment company that can keep up with my growing business. I found Vervante and am consistently impressed with the excellent quality of their services. I happily recommend Vervante to all my clients, and you can bet I will use them for my future product launches. In fact, Vervante published my newly upgraded Online Success Blueprint System 2.0, and I am at ease knowing that my customers are getting a polished, professional product delivered to their home."

Ali Brown

"I'm a first time author and can't believe how easy it has been to publish my first book through Vervante! The customer service has been beyond my expectations, and they even inspired me to create supplemental products that support my book. I'm so excited to have such a professional look at such affordable prices! Rather than many of my author friends who feel frustrated by the traditional "publishing" process, I have only had a joyful experience of self-expression and am excited to write the next book already! I can't tell you how grateful I am to have a partner like Vervante in my corner."

Vyana Reynolds

"Working with Vervante has been an amazing experience. From the top down, every single team member pours their love and passion into the work they do which makes it a pleasure working with them. We have printed, fulfilled, and shipped thousands of books through them in a matter of hours and they have always executed. If a problem arises they are quick to make contact and strategically come to solutions that work for both parties. Professional execution of business with the amazing "Mom and Pop" feel of customer support. Rare combination of excellent service Vervante provides day in and day out."

Chris Barnard
Strength Camp Media Inc. & Overtime Athletes Inc.

"We have multiple products for multiple businesses and are always producing new products and revamping or re-inventing old ones. We have manuals, DVDs, newsletters and CDs every month, more than one book, folders, press kits...you name it, we call Vervante to take care of it for us. We needed a fulfillment company that could keep up with our growth, changes and increasing demand for our products. Vervante is always on the ball getting us our products fast and they always look fantastic. We happily recommend Vervante to all of our business coaching members and to anyone else who is looking for a fulfillment company with high quality products and excellent customer service."

Alwyn and Rachel Cosgrove

"Vervante has played a significant role in the success of my business for the past 4 years and counting! The customer service is phenomenal and the attention to detail sets them apart. I love using Vervante for all of my printing needs for my books, binders and so much more. Thank you Cindy and team for all that you do to help all of us look FABULOUS!"

Diane Cunningham

"I feel grateful and pleased to have Vervante as a partner. I'm a writer and speaker, and I create books, workbooks, and audio CD programs. I've been very pleased with the high quality of my products through Vervante. I love that I can relax and trust that my products are being delivered to my customers promptly, courteously, and professionally, which allows me to focus on what I do best - creating and writing. In the off chance there's an error or problem, it's corrected quickly and sincerely. Their customer service is excellent and they have come through to help me when I'm in a pinch - like when I ordered books for a live event without giving enough turn around time, and they shipped them to me overnight, at their cost, so I could have them in time. I highly recommend Vervante!"

Karly Randolph Pitman

"I have been a client of Vervante since my very FIRST DVD was released back in 2004! I LOVE their customer service and that is something that I simply can not put a price tag on. I get to speak to a REAL person, get responses back quickly and here and there when a mistake happens they fix it ASAP. I've had the opportunity to use other fulfillment companies and never left Vervante because I know I can TRUST them. Since 2004 my business has grown leaps and bounds and Vervante has been there every step of the way with me, shipping my various products around the world, even to countries I have never heard of. Nowadays, finding great customer service and a reliable company is quite tough, Vervante has proven to me year after year that they care and they want to give me their best. Try finding that type of commitment elsewhere!"

Zach Even-Esh

"When the company first started and we had only one product, I was nervous to outsource our fulfillment needs. That was 2005 and I've used Vervante to create and manage dozens of new books and DVD programs, as well as ship them all over the world. The customer service is second to none. Response times to occasional issues are immediate and their team bends over backwards to ensure our wants and needs are taken care of. I could not imagine working with anyone else and strongly endorse Vervante for any information publishing entrepreneur in the market for this type of service."

Latif Thomas

"There are three reasons I love working with Vervante: trust, customer service, and quality. When an order comes in from my website or from a reseller I have complete confidence Vervante will get the order out quickly and efficiently. I trust the Vervante team to get my products in the hands of my customers which allows me to build relationships and grow my business. Vervante’s customer service is amazing. If a problem occurs they quickly resolve it, no questions asked. The quality of the Vervante products are awesome. So far they’ve produced CDs, DVDs, books and cards for me and everything looks first rate. What I like most about working with Vervante is their positive, can-do attitude. If you’re looking for a company that delivers peace-of-mind then you’ve found it in Vervante."

Tom Heck

"Target Focus Training moved our fulfillment business to Vervanté in 2008 when we outgrew our garage shop shipping operation. The transition was smooth and without incident. Vervante’s staff worked with us every step of the way. Our business has grown year after year since then with large volume promotions handled with ease. In 2013 we decided to bring customer service in house. With the huge learning curve ahead of us Vervanté staff worked closely with TFT, trained us where necessary and double checked shipments until we both knew that all processes were fully understood. Two areas I appreciate from an operations standpoint is their flexibility and on-line reporting. Our direct marketing business has a number of different training DVDs. During promotions we provide different combinations of these products to customers usually right before we announce the promotion to our list. The on-line reporting from customer shipping information to inventory levels to billing detail is always accurate and up to date. I highly recommend Vervanté Publishing for your reproduction and fulfillment needs."

Target Focus Training

“The opportunity to work with Vervante to open significant new income streams at low cost wins ‘best service provider’ prize in my community and I recommend them to others weekly.” Vervante gets top marks for the ability to innovate, allowing my business to stand out from the crowd, earn money and best of all...they do it with first-rate service. Rarely does one get the opportunity to work with such a resilient, willing, creative and service-oriented team as Vervante. Pure joy + increased profit = the perfect service provider. Hands down my favorite company to work with in the online space. Vervante is extra-ordinary. A key player in supporting our 7-figure business.”

Andrea J. Lee

"Vervante is a one-of-a-kind company, one which provides the unique blend of mass scalability with a personal touch. Working with them has allowed me to triple my business in the past two years, and the customer service has been impeccable. I've recommended Vervante to other friends in the information marketing business, and I will continue to do so in the future."

Evan Marc Katz